Words from someone who’s been there…

It is not too often we come across joyful or inspiring stories when reading about and researching on human trafficking and therefore it is a pleasure to share one of them with you as encouragement via National Freedom Network


Morning Friends

This piece was written by a surviving victim of trafficking. To see the heart she now has for those who trafficked and used her is incredibly beautiful and redemptive… can we have the same heart, hard as it is? I found this encouraging and hope that you do too.

“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…”
~ Matthew 5:44

The life of a Human Trafficker Recruiter:

It has always been said that money buys everything and anything, and with that being true, money can buy humans as well! The harsh reality is that once you are bought for a price, a Dollar (or Rand) sign is all you are meant to be. You do not count for anything else, nobody will see in your eyes that you could be a Wife or a Mother one day. Once the clock strikes for operation you are there for one thing only… money!

Money buys food, houses, cars, and even fame……! The Recruiter also needs all these things, and once they taste that it comes easy, they want more!!! Most of them also have wives and children that have needs, and THEY must supply.

So what encourages a person to sell other humans for an income?
I always wondered if they ever felt any emotions towards the girls, but I guess they were also like sheep standing and waiting to be auctioned. They had bills to pay, food to set on the table, school fees to pay… money was and is the goal. The Operation needs to grow and entertainment is what keeps your stress levels down, right?? They are very good at picking out the best for the highest bid; they know WHAT the clients want!

They are very good at seeing a pretty face with potential. They know that you will be the best once they break you in! They have excellent taste, they have all that money can buy, but it is never enough…. they always want MORE!
They know how to change you. They know the new trend in styles and fashion! They make sure that you become someone else. But they also know when you don’t profit them anymore….

They don’t ask questions like: Where do you come from? Where are your families? The only thing that matters is that the money comes in! They don’t care when you cry, when you get beaten up, when you get raped over and over again, when a ‘client’ wants more than you can give! You are alone… you cry by yourself… you suffer in silence. When your body is in pain, and you can’t take one more client… they don’t care… you have to do it!

To this day I remember one evening clearly. I was tired and was used by one client after another and I could not face another. I remember taking a knife to the cubicle; for some reason I decided to end my life that night. I was forced to do things I was tired of; every muscle in my tiny body was aching; I felt dirty and he was doing things to me you can’t imagine. That’s when I pulled the knife on him. He started to hit me, and call me names… he dragged me by my hair to reception and demanded his money back! The owner was forced to pay him back every cent. I was badly beaten up by the owner and called a ‘devil’! Yes, I was called the devil! How do you justify that?

The truth though, is that they are also just humans… they are blind guides. They know what they are doing but they live in the dark. And the truth is… that Jesus loves them as well!

Would it make me feel any better if I could put my arms around them and tell them that I forgive them? Yes… yes it would!!
I say they live in dark, and they do. They are taken over by the force of money… but deep down inside of each one of them is a soft side… a human side that needs to be touched by the Great “I AM”….!!!

We are all fighting against the darkness of Human Trafficking, and with each tear a victim sheds, God’s tears multiply. But God’s tears multiply because He wants to touch the hearts of the ones causing it! I believe if we deeply start to pray for the Recruiters, God’s love and power will break the chains.

If I can stand in the middle of a thousand Recruiters today, I wouldn’t be afraid, because I live in the Light and they are in the Dark… and I know that God’s light will embrace them…