Director’s Report for STOP AGM 3 December, 2013

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? We as a STOP team have tasted and seen not only that the Lord is good, but that He passionately loves, and is jealous, over His widows and orphans.

I have become convinced over the years that anyone attempting to rescue and take care of these His special loved ones, His witbroodjies (favourites) has the support of heaven in terms of provision, success and blessing. And so all of us here today, can truly testify of this. I have seen that when we do our little bit like the fish and the loaves, God feeds the multitudes.

I want to honour every NGO and organisation represented here today and say: well done, true and faithful servants! The Lord is going to provide increase and to trust you with much more in this new season.

STOP in this past year has seen and witnessed amazing stuff.

– God enabled us to appoint an administrator who has brought order to our midst.

– L’Abri Manor has released this upper room to STOP, and now we have dignified offices.

– The Lord has sent us saints as volunteers this year, one of which I would like to mention: Michele-Lize and her loved ones. At our last AGM she volunteered to do a charity for us. The charity became a national celebration as she engaged with Freedom Exhibition and Marissa de Lange. They used art as an awareness tool, amazing paintings on human trafficking and God-severened spirits – Queens!

-We had the privilege of blessing the Queens of Africa at a banquet in Pretoria with resource packs on human trafficking. We encouraged them to engage with their ministers of education and get the material into the life orientation classrooms of their nations.

– The Trafficking In Persons bill was passed and signed. The challenge now is to implement the bill, and encourage the various stakeholders to strategise on the work plans for future implementation of the bill.

– We marched to Parliament, we pushed and pushed the Justice Portfolio Commitee – Steve Swart was our champion there. We did oral submissions and when the bill was passed nationally we targeted the National Council of Provinces. We were given an audience in parliament by Elsa van Heerden and her team. The Trafficking In Persons bill was placed first on the agenda and was passed in two weeks. Now the bill had to be signed by the President. I want to show you the favour of God and how He will manipulate circumstances for Hi ends. Margaret Stafford, national director for human trafficking for the Salvation Army found herself at a banquet next to Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife. In the course of the evening, Margaret gently mentioned what she is doing and that the President needs to sign the bill in order for us to start rescuing the victims. Mrs. Ramaphosa said “leave it to me”and within days the bill was signed! Praise the Lord! That was the end of July and now the fun begins. Our Task – definitely to pray, but also to gently and firmly nudge government to get their stuff in place by next July so that this legislation can come into full operation.

Almarie Gouws, our first Administrator, and I had the privilege in April this year to attend a conference for pastors at the foot of Mount Kenya. We shared on human trafficking, and supplied the pastors from surrounding nations with resource packs for their communities. One attendee approached me telling me the sad story of their neighbour’s daughter. She had been trafficked under false pretenses to Saudi Arabia – a domestic slave during the day and a sex slave at night. She returned home, mentally deranged, with a baby.

One of the most profound white stone experiences of my live played off in Kenya – God’s hidden agenda evolved as I sat chatting to intercessors before our first meeting. They had been praying for their elections in their prayer caves for months, to beseech God for a peaceful election (a thousand people died at the previous one). As they were praying, God revealed that since the MauMau time their generation was the fourth, and their children the fifth, and that the sins and curses of the fourth and fifth generation of those who hate God had ended with this election. And that the fifth generation, their children, heralded in the fifth and thousands’ generation of blessing of those who love God. As I lay in my bed that night, the Father reminded me that my mother was British, and that I was the fourth generation after the MauMau time. He led me to repent to Kenya for the atrocities done by the British during the MauMau time, and to declare that the painful past is now redeemed; even history books would be rewritten. So I went on my knees before the audience and repented on behalf of the British for what they did. One month later news headlines: “Britain repents towards Kenya for the MauMau times”. Britain has never repented towards any nation nor offered any recompense. In the case of Kenya they have done both, History is made!

In the meantime the STOP team have been doing outreaches to schools ages 4-18 using the valuable to Jesus program and the traffic proof program for high schools. Schools are open in South Africa and we take liberty without any resistance to introduce the children to Jesus as their healer and Saviour. We have also had the privilege to lead children to the Lord, and leading towards forgiveness for their tormentors. Olivia Nagan is running three programs on the Cape Flats: Bullying, Abstinence and Traffic Proof.

Two of our board members are actively involved with Safe House Stellenbosch and are doing amazing work there. They have a cell group on Wednesday evenings, many have been saved, delivered and baptised. We are also establishing save houses in Somerset West, Tzaneen and Cape Town. We just see where the gaps are , and make sure they are filled…

Carin is busy engaging with the port authorities and the Salvation Army for a safe house for men. I think the recently rescued fishermen are the first of many to come.

I had the privileged opportunity of attending a week-long workshop on human trafficking sponsored by government (Department of Social Development) and presented by Nick Dam. I learned so much, and I am proud of what is being done by Government. Social workers, safe house managers, NGO’s and volunteers were fed, trained and had great fun.

At present we are working with MICAH International, aiding them with program content, key note speakers in their planning on an All Africa Human Trafficking conference in Livingstone, Zambia in 2014. It is wonderful for STOP to partner with anti-trafficking champions and organizations in Africa to put something substantial together to traffic proof Africa. Media village, NFN, Salvation Army, Marcel van der Watt, Freedom Exhibition and Michell-Lize are all on board with us.

God is opening the doors to Africa, as Ann will also be sharing with you a little later. The doors are opening to Southern Sudan to take up training material and trainers.

There is an open door to Africa in the season – let us not miss this opportune time of God’s visitation .

I believe God wants to use South Africa to traffic proof Africa and be a rescue agent in His hands to redeem our loved ones further north.

We as a STOP team thank you for coming today, and again we avail ourselves with the little we know to be of assistance, should any one of you need us. At present we have STOP team in Stellenbosch, Polokwane, Tzaneen, Potchefstroom, East London and hopefully Durban next year. God has faithfully provided in all our needs out of His riches and Glory. Thank you for those of you here today who have graciously done events for us to raise funds. We are most grateful. I would like to pray a blessing over every person and organization here, passionately taking care and looking after the marginalised in our Nation.

To God be the Glory, honour and praise for the works that He has done.

Corinne Sandenbergh, Director STOP

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South Africa is…

“South Africa is actively engaged in stopping the trafficking in persons!!!

The first week of October was Human Trafficking week and STOP had the privilege of being part of a week-long celebration of awareness training in workshops.
We were given precious Madiba’s Freedom Park as a venue for the week and many feet had the joy of enjoying awareness training at this impressive venue up there on the hill above Pretoria/Tshwane.
Saturday 5 October Hettie Britz and Chrisna shared their lives and testimonies with us and the message that was deposited in the heart of every person present: The healing power of forgiveness. It is possible to forgive your rapist and your trafficker by the power of God’s Love and even forgive yourself and be set free from brokenness.

Sunday, the official opening , was attended by many people from all walks of life. The freedom exhibition on the walls depicting various scenarios of human trafficking brought a tear to the eye of the beholders. The message on Sunday evening : Human Trafficking is being actively opposed and eradicated in SA. With the momentous passing of the Trafficking in Persons Bill this year South Africa is sending a message to the rest of the world, that human trafficking will not be tolerated within our borders. When prosecuted and sentenced, a trafficker can get a fine of 100 million Rand and/or a life sentence.
Congratulations to the SABC for their active live coverage of Human Trafficking week. South Africa is on board in the combatting of Human Trafficking in our nation thanks to committed media persons aiding us in our fight against modern day slavery. Thanks to FOCUS who have faithfully worked with us since 2010 in keeping the public up to date on the Combatting of trafficking in Persons, the passing of the bill and awareness around the scourge of this inhumane crime.

Queens of Africa

Hosting the Queens of Africa

For me personally the highlight of the week , was the privilege we had in hosting the Queens of Africa at an event on the 11th October. We had the honour of addressing them on human trafficking and presenting each one with a resource pack to take back to their Ministers of Education which would enable them to make the children of their nations traffic-proof!!!

To Marcel van der Wat, Diane from NFN and Roxanne from Freedom Climb… well done!! Your workshops were excellent and well attended. The drama team from UKOVS will definitely be impacting SA for the next year!!!

Many thanks to Marisa de Lange and her Freedom climb team for hosting this memorable week and we honour you for the hard work and passion that went into making this week a roaring success.

The way forward as I see it, is that civil society gets actively on board in aiding government to close all the holes in the rescue and assistance of our vulnerable. As we, the NGO’s and public of South Africa support government in their efforts, I believe Human Trafficking can STOP in our nation and that we can aid the rest of Africa and further afield in ways, means and methods of how to combat and abolish this modern day slave trade.

Kind regards to you our fellow abolitionists – together we stand!”

Corinne Sandenbergh ( Director STOP)

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STOP Director speaks at Human Trafficking Week Pretoria, October 6 2013


“Dear ladies and gentlemen, honoured guests.

Our Beloved South Africa, is a nation that God our Father has blessed with one of the greatest rescue acts of all time; the fact that we did not have a civil war leading up to independence in 1994. Countries like Cambodia were not so blessed and men came back – animals – raping 6 year-old children and throwing them into brothels.

Our Nation still has Christian values, family values, fathers who take ownership of their wives and children and of their nation. And now the Trafficking In Persons bill (TIP) is passed. Yes, well done government… Justice Portfolio Committee, well done! Parliament, well done! National Council of Provinces, well done! The NGO’s and people of South Africa, well done!

Many nations still do not have a TIP bill in place. The fines for trafficking human beings in South Africa were not nearly severe enough to stop traffickers in their crimes. And now, Wow! life imprisonment or a 100 Million Rand fine!! Beloved South Africans, this is the greatest crime against humanity. Our police and prosecutors are facing death threats daily and risking their lives for justice and the rescue and safe guarding of victims of Human trafficking. With the bill now passed we trust that many more arrests will be made and criminals prosecuted and sentenced . The legislation is complex and comprehensive and provides thoroughly for the rescue and protection of child and adult victims and the prosecution of traffickers.

The big challenge ahead for government now is the implementation and integration of this law into the different departments to make it effective on the ground. So DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, HOME AFFAIRS, NATIONAL PROSECUTING AUTHORITY, HAWKS and all the other role-players, we as NGO’s and civil society support you and stand behind you and will give ourselves fully to assist you in this implementation.

The next/new/old challenge South Africa is facing , is the threat of having prostitution legalised in our country. The Mayor of Amsterdam was quoted saying:“While prostitution is legal in a nation, there is no way organised crime can be controlled and with that human trafficking. Prostitution is the cover blanket over crime and trafficking and it handcuffs police… can’t go into the brothels… it is legal!!”

South Africa by the grace of God did not legalise prostitution before Soccer World Cup 2010 – pressure was on from certain small groups. They tried, but you beloved South Africans sent so many submissions to the Law and Reform Commission, that they could only work through the data by 2011! Foreign football fans went home saying that this is a clean nation and that they would like to bring their families back for holidays. Germany sadly legalised prostitution before Soccer World Cup 2006 and they are now known as the biggest brothel in Europe ( Reuters Press).

South Africa will not become the biggest brothel in Africa, if you as South Africans stand up against this insanity… no little girl at the age of 5 skips around with butterfly wings saying she wants to be a prostitute one day and when a lady is on her back she has no guarantee that when she gets up from there ( if she does), that she will not be maimed, pregnant or have contracted AIDS. During a former African National Congress Women’s League Conference, it was stated that the women were shocked ( like when abortions were legalized), when the matter of decriminalization was discussed. The Xhosa language hasn’t even got a word describing prostitution in its vocabulary. So far removed is this from the traditions of our nation.

In closing, I would like to ask the Law and Reform Commission what happened to all the written submissions of the peoples of South Africa voting against decriminalization of prostitution in 2009? And, is this bill opening up again for the public to participate in before any further debate?


Director Corinne Sandenbergh addressing Human Trafficking Week at Freedom park, Pretoria