South Africa is…

“South Africa is actively engaged in stopping the trafficking in persons!!!

The first week of October was Human Trafficking week and STOP had the privilege of being part of a week-long celebration of awareness training in workshops.
We were given precious Madiba’s Freedom Park as a venue for the week and many feet had the joy of enjoying awareness training at this impressive venue up there on the hill above Pretoria/Tshwane.
Saturday 5 October Hettie Britz and Chrisna shared their lives and testimonies with us and the message that was deposited in the heart of every person present: The healing power of forgiveness. It is possible to forgive your rapist and your trafficker by the power of God’s Love and even forgive yourself and be set free from brokenness.

Sunday, the official opening , was attended by many people from all walks of life. The freedom exhibition on the walls depicting various scenarios of human trafficking brought a tear to the eye of the beholders. The message on Sunday evening : Human Trafficking is being actively opposed and eradicated in SA. With the momentous passing of the Trafficking in Persons Bill this year South Africa is sending a message to the rest of the world, that human trafficking will not be tolerated within our borders. When prosecuted and sentenced, a trafficker can get a fine of 100 million Rand and/or a life sentence.
Congratulations to the SABC for their active live coverage of Human Trafficking week. South Africa is on board in the combatting of Human Trafficking in our nation thanks to committed media persons aiding us in our fight against modern day slavery. Thanks to FOCUS who have faithfully worked with us since 2010 in keeping the public up to date on the Combatting of trafficking in Persons, the passing of the bill and awareness around the scourge of this inhumane crime.

Queens of Africa

Hosting the Queens of Africa

For me personally the highlight of the week , was the privilege we had in hosting the Queens of Africa at an event on the 11th October. We had the honour of addressing them on human trafficking and presenting each one with a resource pack to take back to their Ministers of Education which would enable them to make the children of their nations traffic-proof!!!

To Marcel van der Wat, Diane from NFN and Roxanne from Freedom Climb… well done!! Your workshops were excellent and well attended. The drama team from UKOVS will definitely be impacting SA for the next year!!!

Many thanks to Marisa de Lange and her Freedom climb team for hosting this memorable week and we honour you for the hard work and passion that went into making this week a roaring success.

The way forward as I see it, is that civil society gets actively on board in aiding government to close all the holes in the rescue and assistance of our vulnerable. As we, the NGO’s and public of South Africa support government in their efforts, I believe Human Trafficking can STOP in our nation and that we can aid the rest of Africa and further afield in ways, means and methods of how to combat and abolish this modern day slave trade.

Kind regards to you our fellow abolitionists – together we stand!”

Corinne Sandenbergh ( Director STOP)